Lessons for Counseling Christians Caught in Sin

If you have been in consistent Church fellowship for any amount of time you have come across some precarious situations. Brothers and sisters in Christ have issues. Those issues are sometimes dealt with before they get too big in consequence or they turn into disastrous situations. Sadly, both situations require a good counselor. Therefore, every Christian brother or sister in Christ will need to come alongside one another and give Biblical wisdom. So what should we say and do? Here are four lessons for someone who is counseling a brother or sister caught in sin:

When we tell people ‘God forgives you’, that is not true unless the person acknowledges their sin to God

order their prayers purposefully by seeking God’s wisdom and will before they seek specific answers to personal circumstances

Bring these four lessons with you the next time a brother or sister in Christ comes to you with sin. I pray that you will be filled with Biblical wisdom as you come alongside others in their walks with God. Amen!

David J. Lupinetti is the Associate Pastor at San Tan Bible Church in Arizona. He has a passion for Expository Preaching, Biblical Counseling, Discipleship, and Evangelism.

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