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  • Fight Bill C-4 & Ordinance 31-21

    Fight Bill C-4 & Ordinance 31-21

    Our society is trying to legalize sin while criminalizing righteousness The Authorities of this world are taking abusive measures against the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Particularly, our Biblical view of conversion from sin. Bill C-4 (Canada) and Ordinance 31-21 (West Lafayette, IN) are attempting to take our brothers in Christ to jail in the future…

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  • Is God my All?

    Is God my All?

    The book of 1 Samuel begins with the fascinating story of Hannah, Samuel’s mother. Hannah was a barren woman. She was infertile and didn’t have the ability to bear children. It was heartbreaking for her, no doubt. But the Scripture is clear on the fact that the Lord had closed her womb. Hannah understood her…

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  • Rejoicing in Weakness

    Rejoicing in Weakness

    I finally got around to finishing my favorite book on parenting last week, Give Them Grace, by Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter Jessica Thompson. The closing chapters reminded me of the importance of rejoicing in our weaknesses. This was a timely reminder because all too often I find myself wishing my children would just be…

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  • Comparison


    I was watching the running at the Olympic games with my husband a few weeks ago, and we were talking about how interesting it is that the runners are given different starting positions along the track. This is called a ‘staggered start’. “If you’re running in one of the outside lanes, you’re running around a…

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  • What Does The Bible Say About Self-Esteem?

    What Does The Bible Say About Self-Esteem?

    I recently wrote an article about “The Problem With The Self-Love Movement” and now I want to talk about the difference between self-love and self-esteem. I believe these two get mixed up very easily so I want to clarify the difference between them, and talk about the Biblical perspective. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary self-love…

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  • The Problem With The Self-Love Movement

    The Problem With The Self-Love Movement

    I’ve been impressed with the amount of Christians who preach, teach, and disseminate the idea of self-love; as if we need to be reminded to love ourselves. Throughout my social media, I see people sharing motivational quotes, saying “all you need is inside of you” or “love yourself first and everything else falls into line”.…

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