Author: Rachel Feltkamp

  • Gods Good Design for Women

    Gods Good Design for Women

    Feminism, according to google, at its core, desires to have equal outcomes of the sexes in the social, economic and political realms. As feminism has progressed and changed into something that desires to make men and women completely interchangeable; it has attempted to destroy Gods good design for men and women. The normal gender roles…

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  • A Strong Savior

    A Strong Savior

    In this article I would like to examine the common phrase, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” I often hear people say this in response to someone losing a loved one or getting a bad health diagnosis. I never seem to understand why people think that this kind of phrase would…

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  • Preach the Gospel, Sometimes use Words?

    Preach the Gospel, Sometimes use Words?

    The statement utilizes a godless and worldly standard on the believer to shut them up and make them more palatable to unbelieving people. Less people will get offended by a lifestyle they simply disagree with. It’s when we open our mouths that we truly become effective. Did Jesus simply walk around, healing people, feeding people,…

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  • The Unsung Helpmate of Martin Luther

    The Unsung Helpmate of Martin Luther

    It was just a few short years ago that my husband and I took our first international trip together to Germany. We were able to meet some of Justin’s family and see the Luther sights we had always wanted to see. Justin read Eric Metaxas’ book on Luther and had wanted to travel there ever…

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  • Rejoicing in Weakness

    Rejoicing in Weakness

    I finally got around to finishing my favorite book on parenting last week, Give Them Grace, by Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter Jessica Thompson. The closing chapters reminded me of the importance of rejoicing in our weaknesses. This was a timely reminder because all too often I find myself wishing my children would just be…

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  • Love Thy Neighbor?

    Love Thy Neighbor?

    I recently attended my county board of education monthly meeting. Parents and community members came to discuss on whether to make masks optional or mandated for children in school. People spoke on each side of the argument. The lively debate sounded familiar to diatribes I’ve heard from some pastors and influential people in Christian circles…

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  • Love is Love?

    Love is Love?

    We’ve all seen it everywhere; the signs that say “love is love.” It seems like every third car on the road bears the coexist bumper sticker. When I see these, my mind always goes to the same place and I just keep thinking to myself, what does that even mean? Who is defining this love?…

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  • The Problem With The Sinner’s Prayer

    The Problem With The Sinner’s Prayer

    The sinner’s prayer has been a taboo topic in Christian culture for a while now. People take pride in the date they have stamped in their Bibles as their “spiritual birthdate.” It’s a date they can reminisce when they raised their hand when the preacher said “three” with everyone’s eyes closed and replicated the scripted…

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  • The Important Role of Fathers

    The Important Role of Fathers

    One of the greatest determining factors of poverty is single-parent homes; primarily fatherless homes. The need for fathers in the home has never been more apparent than it is today. Our culture has tried to diminish the need for fathers and attempted to emasculate men at every turn. We can see the results of this…

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  • Three Lessons from Marriage

    Three Lessons from Marriage

    Marriage has almost become taboo in our day and age. The true meaning and purpose of marriage has been obliterated by our culture. It seems as though most people treat marriage like going to college; it’s just the next thing in life to do. As my husband and I approach our eighth wedding anniversary, I…

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