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  • Why Easter is my Favorite Holiday

    Why Easter is my Favorite Holiday

    What comes to mind when we think of Easter? I’m sure many of us think of the Easter Bunny, hard boiled eggs, egg hunting, and family meals. But isn’t the whole point of Easter Christ’s death and resurrection? There is no religion on the planet, besides Christianity, that offers the only plan of redemption for…

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  • Holy Week

    Holy Week

    This week is Holy Week (also called Easter week or Passion Week), a testimony to the Glory of God in accomplishing only something He could do, defeating sin. God is perfect in His attributes and as a result we are called to be perfect in His presence (Matthew 5:48). Holy Week shows us that God…

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  • Hope For Easter

    Hope For Easter

    Living in Brazil I never really noticed the changing of the seasons. In Rio, the weather is always sunny and warm. The trees are always green. The flowers are always there. We have some windy seasons, rainy seasons, and chilly seasons (which can’t even be called winter). Living in Michigan I enjoy seeing the changes.…

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