2 Certain Truths in Uncertain Times

“Trust in Him at all times; ye people, pour out your hearts before him.”
Psalm 62:8

Reading the book of Psalms is encouraging. It is the book that has always been a great source of blessing to God’s people throughout history. It echoes a variety of personal experiences, struggles, disappointments, and fears which the psalters experienced during their lives. It also reflects how they responded to uncertainty. What can be encouraging to us, as we read the Psalms, is that it reminds us that whatever we are going through in life, we are not alone. Many authors of the Psalms write knowing the pressure of hard circumstances; and thus we can relate. Not only we can relate, but we can follow their example and learn how to respond to trials in life in ways that honor God. Psalm 62:8 gives us two clues on how we ought to respond to the uncertainties, disappointments, internal and external struggles we encounter in life.

First, the Psalter calls us to trust in God. Trusting God is simply to put our faith in Him and His Word. It is to hold fast to God’s truth and reject believing lies. When should we trust God? The Psalter answers: “At all times.” Always! In times of grief and times of joy, in times of physical pain and times of well-being, in times of want and times of prosperity. We ought to trust in God “at all times.” Even if life does not make sense and we do not realize what is going on, to trust God is to believe that He is with us, for us, and works in our lives for our good and His greater glory. When life hits us hard, we need to remind our wandering hearts that God is faithful and loving. That He cares for us. That He provides for us. That He is the “I AM” (Exod. 3:14). Thus, we should rest, rejoice, and be still. Are you trusting God?

God does not want pre-fabricated answers, he wants your heart in subjection to His sovereignty.

Second, the Psalter calls us to pour out our hearts before God. Pouring our hearts before God is to go to Him and humbly share with Him our hearts. It is to cast our burdens, fears, and insecurities upon Him. It is to speak, confess, and fellowship with Him without leaving the chance for anything or anyone to hinder the joy of our communion with Him. If God is our Father, then it is to Him that we should go with boldness based on the merits of Christ. God does not want pre-fabricated answers, he wants your heart in subjection to His sovereignty. Have you poured out your heart before God?

Let us remind ourselves today that we do worship a great God. Let us not trust in men, power, or riches, but in God alone. We must remember that we can continually pour our hearts before God, whom we can confidently trust. God is God. He is our God. Go to God to get through your uncertainty.

Cherif Arif is originally from Cairo, Egypt. He has a passion for teaching and preaching the Bible. He is involved in equipping pastors and leaders in the Middle East.